Parliament should clean up greyhound racing not ban it


The NSW government will soon introduce its legislation to shut down the $335 million greyhound industry.


 NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley and Shadow Gaming and Racing Minister Michael Daley have outlined a plan to reform the industry rather than shutting it down.



Establish a new regulator with a mandate for implementing the highest standards of animal welfare;

Split the commercial and regulatory functions of the sport; and

Implement severe punishments for those guilty of animal mistreatment including life bans from the industry and gaol terms.

In addition, Labor would prohibit any sell off of public land that is currently being used for greyhound racing.

Labor believes the Parliament should be used to strengthen animal welfare and integrity measures in greyhound racing, not ban the entire industry.

Thousands of jobs across the state are under threat thanks to Mike Baird and Troy Grant’s heavy-handed reaction to the McHugh Report. The majority of these are in rural and regional NSW.

The time has come for National Party members to stand up for regional communities. The Nationals will need to vote with Labor to save greyhound racing. The greyhound industry will be shut down unless Mr Baird’s legislation is voted down.

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