2016 Orange By-Election


Bernard Fitzsimon is a true Orange local. Bernard has lived here for more than 50 years. Having worked and raised a family in Orange, he understands the pressures families and small businesses face in Regional NSW.

Bernard Fitzsimon has always fought for a fair go for Orange. He fought for properly funded palliative care in the region and is active with many groups fighting for more local jobs and supporting the local economy.

The Nationals have become a rubber stamp for Mike Baird’s Sydney-centric agenda. Bernard Fitzsimon will fight for our community and will: 

  • Stand up against the Nationals’ cuts to Orange hospital and local health services;
  • Fight against the Nationals’ ban on the greyhound industry to protect the many local jobs the industry creates;
  • Support local businesses and encourage investment in our region to create more local jobs; and
  • Fight the Nationals’ cuts to local schools and TAFEs so our kids get the quality education they deserve. 

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