Meryl Swanson Slams Four Year Wait For Specialists in Regional Hospitals

The Federal Member for Paterson has singled out John Hunter Hospital as one of many suffering from the Federal Government’s cuts to Medicare and health.

After discovering an elderly couple had waited four years for access to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist, Meryl Swanson spoke in Federal Parliament against the Turnbull Government’s cuts. “For four years the lovely gentleman’s wife has had extreme discomfort […] not to mention the fear and dread of what might actually be wrong with her and causing these awful symptoms,” Meryl Swanson said.

“Every year for four years, her husband phoned the John Hunter to make sure she was still on
the list. And every year, he was assured: ‘Yes, she’s still on the list. Just hang in there’. Finally, there was the last phone call, and, lo and behold, she had an appointment.” Meryl Swanson said the woman was diagnosed with a rare condition that, if left
untreated, could have led to facial palsy and complete hearing loss.


“Proper funding for our hospitals must also be restored,” she said. “Every Australian should have access to affordable, quality health care when and where they need it.”