If Future Generations Wonder Who Killed The Darling - Tell Them About The NSW Nationals


The NSW Minister for Rural Water, Niall Blair, is about to make a legacy defining decision to pull NSW out of the Murray Darling Basin Agreement, flushing $6 billion down the drain and destroying the far western NSW river network in the process.

It has been a scandalous six months for the NSW Nationals. There have been widespread allegations of water theft, rorting, meter tampering and a deliberate culture of non-compliance when it came to enforcing the rules.

The NSW Nationals through their scandalous management of the water portfolio have brought the Murray Darling River network to the brink of collapse.

The Government’s hand-picked chief water bureaucrat was sacked and the Government’s own inquiry into water management under the Nationals labelled it as ‘diverging from the best traditions of Australian public administration’.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption is now investigating.

Minister Blair’s predecessor in the Water portfolio is accused of giving permission for certain irrigators to pump water during a total ban and thereby denying water to his own constituents and just last week another former Nationals Minister was accused of altering water plans after public consultation had concluded in order to give certain irrigators up to 32 per cent more water.

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