Charlie Sheahan for Cootamundra


You can contact Charlie by: 

0474 703 060
[email protected]

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Charlie Sheahan is a local who understands our community 

Charlie Sheahan lives in Cootamundra with his wife Sue. Together they raised their three children locally. He is a farm manager and former President of the the local Lions Club. He volunteers with the local Rural Fire Service, church and school councils, local sporting and community clubs. Charlie Sheahan understands our community.

Charlie Sheahan is on our side 

Charlie Sheahan is someone we can count on to fight for our area to get its fair share. Charlie fought alongside many locals against the mergers of local Councils and for increased funding for local hospitals, schools and TAFE. Charlie Sheahan understands Cootamundra and is on our side.

He’ll stand up for us

Unlike the National Party, who have taken our area for granted, Charlie Sheahan is someone who will stand up for us: 

  • Keeping hospitals in public hands, and in investing in regional health services; 
  • Investing in a plan for local jobs, including protections for local industry and a plan to increase tourism; and
  • Opposing the Liberals and Nationals forced Council amalgamations;
  • Better aged care services, including home care;
  • Funding our schools and TAFE, so that everyone can get the best start in life.