Breaking the Bellwether


For the first time since 1972, the seat of Eden-Monaro has been
won by the party that didn’t win government.

This is an extraordinary achievement that we in the Labor Party should be very proud of. This is not only because of the historical significance of the result but also because of the positive agenda we put before our community and the massive effort we made to ensure we were closely in touch with the issues and problems of concern to them.

Thanks to everyone who contributed so much in time and donations to the campaign. It was the best campaign I have ever been involved in and it was an enormous effort from a group of people who demonstrated their passion and commitment day in day out. Your determination was truly inspiring and kept me going when energy levels were low.
There are too many people to thank individually but I want to single out just a few.

First, NSW Labor Secretary Kaila Murnain, who has done a magnificent job of getting the NSW Branch of the Labor Party back on track. She is a woman of intelligence, integrity and strength and she is going to drive us back to a position where the people of NSW can once again put their faith in us. What’s more, because Kaila was raised in regional NSW she has a great understanding of our unique challenges.

Eden-Monaro campaign manager Robbie Rynehart, a skilled operator who in leading what I believe was the best campaign in the nation again demonstrated that he is one of the foremost marginal seat campaigners in the ALP.
NSW Country Organiser Jay Suvaal who made an outstanding contribution and helped drive great results not only in Eden-Monaro but all across regional NSW. We have a great opportunity to demonstrate that Labor is the best choice a country voter can make and to pay due regard to our roots as a party that was born under a tree on the back of shearers strike, with one of our most revered leaders in Ben Chifley having been an engine driver from Bathurst.

Our Young Labor volunteers lead by Josh Bolitho and Pat Cooney whose excellent field organising resulted in the Eden-Monaro campaign making more voter contacts than all of the non-target seats in NSW combined – this was a remarkable effort.
Most importantly I want to thank the people of Eden-Monaro for giving me the chance to serve them once again. This land is in my blood and bone and I have a deep and profound love for it.
This region deserves to have hard working representation that is properly community based and that is what our team intends to deliver.

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